KOH Lamps are a stylish, modern addition to any home- whether exterior or interior. Their subtle glow provides a comforting amount of light. Their presence elevates their surroundings while providing a colorful change in the atmosphere. 

About KOH Lamps- 

KÖH Concepts provides stylish and design conscious consumers with artistic lighting pieces using the calming, rich colors emitted from the KÖH Lamps. The warm, reinvented ambiance elevates and transforms the energy of workspaces and living areas. Low energy consuming and easily recyclable, KÖh Lamps set the mood, impress and please with a unique atmosphere that onlyKÖH Lamps can produce. (designed by Chistophe d’Orey)

I was generously provided with a KOH Lamp to review, all opinions are my own. 

I began by opening the package which comes in  contemporary packaging, perfect for the KOH lamp. The lamp, a lighting cord & bulb are provided. 

Once I place the lamp outside I could see the full effect of the lighting. The subtle glow of the KOH Lamp provided enough light to see but mostly changed the overall atmosphere with its colorful glow. It reminded me of a beacon of light, especially due to its orange/yellow color. 

I also placed the lamp inside, which looked great next to brick. The design reminds me of a gas tank, something very industrial- so it made sense to place it here. I liked how it looked inside, the change was drastic since the light it emits is orange.


The KOH Lamp is very versatile because it can be used in different types of spaces and is heavy-duty enough to withstand the outside. 

My overall impression was a good one. I liked how it looked in both inside and outside. I also liked the subtle glow of colored light without it being too harsh. The product seems very well-made. It was easy to assemble and easy to store and clean. I would definitely recommend this product for exterior light in a romantic/mood/party setting. It creates a beautiful ambiance. These lamps are made in different colors, which create beautiful effects when put together. Their photo gallery has some great images of these effects. 

For more info. please visit their direct website-

Or follow their tumblr-

Please email if you have any questions. Thanks KOH! 


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